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Project ERASMUS K2

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Project ERASMUS K2 Sc BTM Resources Srl is a partener in this project Erasmus K2 ” WHAT REALLY MATTERS “ While the economic crisis within the EU persists, unemployment levels for the youth (under 25 years old) in the countries of the participating organizations, range from 23%-39% (Eurostat data). Unemployment rates for the young are […]

Marketing Seminar

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The marketing seminar has been designed to give participants an idea of what is marketing today in order to have a company that is really not only market oriented, but customer oriented. Contents of the seminar will discuss about the following points:• Strategic marketing in a globalized world• The keys elements of operating marketing today: […]

Dezvoltarea profesională

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Evaluarea, motivarea și dezvoltarea profesională a personalului După cum știm deja, de la 1 mai 2011 au intrat în vigoare modificările aduse Codului Muncii. Aici apare pentru prima dată obligativitatea angajatorilor de a seta obiective și criterii de performanță și de a le comunica angajaților. Motivarea personalului este elementul cheie în orice companie. Angajații motivați, […]

Important !!!

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 ATENTIE !!!    –   ATENTIE !!!   –   ATENTIE !!!    –   ATENTIE !!!   –   ATENTIE !!!   _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________ BTM Resources S.R.L  NU recruteaza sau intermediaza contracte de munca in strainatate !!! _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________   Consultanță pentru implementarea prevederilor OUG 109 În vederea asigurării conformării Societăților la prevederile OUG 109 / 2011, SC BTM Resources SRL […]

Erasmus+ KA1 Staff Training

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  NLP in Career Coaching This 5 days Training Course targets Staff and youth workers that act as vocational counsellors, trainers. NLP in Career Coaching is a useful tool in working with young people’s attitude towards longterm employment. You can find us in Arad, Romania. This NLP in Career Coaching training programme ensures that during […]


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Learning Outcomes BTM customizes all of our teambuilding and training seminars to meet the needs of our corporate clients. Most corporate clients select two or at the most three of the below concepts and customize seminars around these criteria. If other training is desired, please let us know what you are looking for and we […]