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Erasmus+ KA1 Staff Training

Erasmus+ KA1 Staff Training


NLP in Career Coaching

This 5 days Training Course targets Staff and youth workers that act as vocational counsellors, trainers. NLP in Career Coaching is a useful tool in working with young people’s attitude towards longterm employment. You can find us in Arad, Romania.

This NLP in Career Coaching training programme ensures that during the 5 days you will learn:

  • To integrate the fundamental attitudes and assumptions of NLP both for yourself and for your students and children.
  • How to create and maintain behavioural change.
  • To change negative an unhelpful beliefs for yourself and others.
  • Use submodalities to calibrate a person’s thinking.
  • How to build propulsion in yourself and others
  • Flexibility in your own behaviour so you can respond to any situation effectively.
  • Understand the learning processes of your students so you can create more flexibility in their learning.
  • The Milton model of language to create useful learning states for your students and gather more information about their needs.
  • Elicit what your students’ really want so they can set effective goals that they will achieve and are motivated to act on their goals.
  • Anchoring and its appropriate use inside and outside the classroom.
  • How to access and build internal resources so your students realise they have their own answers.
  • To use metaphor as a powerful tool.
  • Strategies for learning, motivation and decision making.

You can contact us at:

Romania, Arad, Str. Nicola Alexici, no.6


NLP Practitioner and Trainer – Dana Bălaș Timar